Feeding programme

Children enjoying their high-vitamin milkGabi pours out the milk for the childrenThe children pick their favourite songs to singJulita Alemán and Gabi BarriosChildren enjoying their high-vitamin milk

Receiving good nutrition in the early years of childhood is an essential part of a child’s development, affecting both their physical growth and their performance at school.

Julita Alemán has been involved with Christian work on the island of Ometepe for much of her life. She became concerned that the diet of local children was lacking many of the vitamins that they needed, and so she set up a Feeding Programme for her village. Due to her age, Julita has handed over the running of the Feeding Programme to one of SIFT’s nurses, Gabi Barrios, and other members of the local church.

Twice a week, on Monday and Friday afternoons, around 45 children arrive at Julita’s house. Each session starts with the children singing songs and learning a story from the Bible, and concludes with the children receiving their glass of high-vitamin milk. On Fridays they are also given a nutritious hot meal. Whilst the children are doing their activities there is a short Bible study for the mothers, and at the start and end of each year there is a special party organised for the children.

£20 will supply one week’s worth of milk for the Feeding Programme. If you would like to contribute towards the Feeding Programme, you can either send us a cheque or make a one-off or regular online donation.

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