Become a voice for SIFT

Have you ever considered using your time to encourage others to help the poor?  You could be a valuable part of our ministry to the people of Nicaragua by inspiring people to support SIFT.

That’s what Richard and Chris decided to do when they volunteered to become voices for SIFT:

“We do it to make a difference to the poor of Nicaragua; we have so much and they have so little.  We can help by gaining support from our own church and others that we have contact with.  We give out information in our church and as Richard is a local preacher he spreads the news and SIFT Insights around the churches he visits.  We’ve also taken the opportunity to place SIFT information in our local Christian Bookshop.”

Could you be a voice for SIFT like Richard and Chris?  If so, we will work with you to do this in a way that fits you and your situation.  For example:

  • Handing out copies of the SIFT Insight and other publicity.
  • Encouraging people to pray for SIFT’s work in Nicaragua.
  • Showing a video or giving a presentation about SIFT, using materials provided by SIFT.

If you would like to volunteer or find out more, please contact Graham Knight.  Thank you!