Feeding programme

The helpers at the Feeding ProgrammeThe children receive help with the schoolworkMaxnomara helping a boy with mathsThe children doing some action songsChildren enjoying their milkThe children receiving a meal

Receiving good nutrition in the early years of childhood is an essential part of a child’s development, affecting both their physical growth and their performance at school.

Julita Alemán was involved with Christian work on the island of Ometepe for the final 47 years of her life. She became concerned that the diet of local children was lacking many of the vitamins that they needed, and so she set up a Feeding Programme for them. Sadly Julita passed away in 2020, but the Feeding Programme continues to meet at her house, continuing her legacy of love to the children of her community.

Twice a week, on Monday and Friday afternoons, around 30 children and their parents arrive at Julita’s house. As the children arrive the team members, including an educational assistant, provide them with help for their schoolwork and age appropriate lessons in key skills such as writing and maths. Once everyone has arrived, Maxnomara Potoy (the team leader) leads the children in singing some Christian songs and tells them a story from the Bible. The team then distribute glasses of high-vitamin milk to the children and, on occasions, some other items of food such as fortified rice.

The team of Christian helpers also includes a psychologist and physiotherapist, who are available during the week to provide support to the children where requested.

£20 will supply one week’s worth of milk for the Feeding Programme. If you would like to contribute towards the Feeding Programme, you can either send us a cheque or make a one-off or regular online donation.