Sponsor a nurse

The island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua is home to around 35,000 people, most of whom live in rural farming communities.  As most of the state healthcare facilities are centred in the main towns a large number of people have little or no access to adequate healthcare.  If they are able to see the doctor they have to pay for any medicines they need and this is often more than they can afford.

A nurse dispensing medicinesSIFT has been runnning health clinics on the island of Ometepe since 2005.  We employ a highly qualified doctor, Dr Sandra Villagra, and local nurses to bring affordable healthcare to the people who need it most.

Patients at our rural clinics pay a small, affordable fee for a consultation and receive medicines for free, enabling everyone, no matter what their income, to receive the care they need.

Our nurses are essential to our medical work on the island of Ometepe. Not only do they treat patients, they also provide much needed community education, showing people practical ways to prevent disease.

Two nursesIf you decide to become a sponsor you will be matched with one of our nurses and will receive an annual update about your particular nurse and the medical work in general.

To start sponsoring a nurse simply download this Standing Order form and return it to the SIFT office (address given on the form).  You can also setup a regular donation online.