Supporting an orphanage

The Orphanage buildingsThe school attended by the Orphanage children

The arrival of a new baby changes the lives of a couple. For Pastor Ramiro Blandón and his wife Conchita that new baby was left abandoned on their doorstep and his arrival changed not just their family life but their ministry as well. They took the boy into their home and before long a small orphanage had started, run by members of Ramiro’s family.

Over 20 years later, the Hogar de Fe Orphanage is now home to around 50 children and young people. Some of them are full orphans, and others come from families who struggle to look after them. Regardless of their background, all of the children are welcomed into the family at the Orphanage where they find a loving and supporting environment in which to grow.

At weekends the children have the opportunity to learn English and computer skills which will help them when they come to lead independent lives. The team also care for the spiritual development of the children – there are daily devotions and the children get involved with the Sunday school and youth groups at Ramiro’s church.

Ramiro’s family also run a thriving school which is open to children from the Orphanage and from the local community of Los Brasiles.

You can help support the work of the Hogar de Fe Orphanage through our £15 per month sponsorship scheme. Your money will go towards the running costs of Hogar de Fe and we will match you up with a specific child who lives at the Orphanage. You will receive annual updates on the work of the Orphanage, along with a photo of your sponsored child.  If you would like to start sponsoring a child you can either download a Standing Order form or setup a regular payment online.