Vocational training

SIFT supports the work of the Cuerpo de Cristo (Body of Christ) church in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. The church was concerned that teenagers from poor backgrounds often cannot find work, and as a result can become involved with drugs or gangs. In response to this situation they have started vocational training courses to provide young people with the skills they need to find a trade.

Every Saturday the church runs courses in car mechanics, car electrics and handicrafts. The year-long courses are taught by professional instructors and each course is open to up to 20 young people.

As part of the car mechanics course, students are put in touch with local garages where they can practice their skills and gain valuable work experience. A number of students, having finished the course, have gone on to find a permanent job in these garages.

The students on the handicrafts course learn how to make piƱatas, foam flower displays and children’s toys, which are then sold at the end of the course.