A legacy of love

On 25th July we received the sad news that Julita Alemán, one of our friends in Nicaragua, had peacefully passed away. In this special edition of the SIFT Insight we pay tribute to Julita and reflect on a life well lived for Jesus. We are also introduced to Freja Brown, the newest member of SIFT’s Board of Trustees.

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A year of progress

As 2019 draws to a close, we thought we would share with you some of the things that have been achieved amongst the poor of Nicaragua thanks to your generosity. Students have been sponsored to go to school, patients have received medical treatment, children have been cared for at a loving home, and victims of the sex trade have received psychological support and a fresh start in life.

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A vital health service

No two days are ever the same for Dr Sandra and our team of nurses as they provide healthcare for people living on the island of Ometepe. Whether it’s giving consultations, prescribing medicines or helping their patients live healthier lives, they’re always busy. In this edition of the Insight we look at the work of our nursing team, what motivates them and how you can help them to continue providing healthcare to the people of Ometepe. We also say goodbye to two members of SIFT’s team, Colin Weaver and Ali Wilson, and look back at some recent fundraising events.

View the Summer 2019 issue of the SIFT Insight.

The chain of hope

There are so many problems in the world today that it can be easy to feel like we can’t make a difference. By supporting SIFT, however, you are having an impact on the lives of people living thousands of miles away. In this edition of the Insight we look at the vital role your donations play in the lives of three young women in Nicaragua. We also highlight other ways that you can support and promote SIFT’s work.

View the Spring 2019 issue of the SIFT Insight.

Challenges and compassion

This year has seen widespread unrest in Nicaragua, resulting in the deaths of several hundred people. In this issue we look at the ongoing work of SIFT’s team, providing practical help to the people of Nicaragua in spite of these difficult circumtances.

View the Autumn 2018 issue of the SIFT Insight.